While being treated for various ailments in an Atlanta hospital for eight days, Cynthia Franz died of a massive heart attack, on December 29, 2013.  

Below is a tribute to both Cynthia and her late husband Raymond.  

      Raymond Victor Franz                                  Cynthia Marie Franz
          Born: May 8, 1922                                                    Born: August 15, 1935
            Died: June 2, 2010                                                     Died: December 29, 2013

Raymond Franz (As a young missionary in Puerto Rico, 1950s) and Cynthia Franz (High School Graduation Photo, 1953)

Raymond Franz (As a young missionary in Puerto Rico, 1950s) and Cynthia Franz (High School Graduation Photo, 1953)

Wedding of Raymond & Cynthia Franz - Feb. 28, 1959

Wedding of Raymond & Cynthia Franz – Feb. 28, 1959 (Click to see larger photo)

Cynthia Marie Badame was born in 1935 into a large, loving, Sicilian Italian family in the middle of the Great Depression. She was influenced in her faith by her father, and learned the joy of cooking and showing hospitality from her mother.

Cynthia graduated from the 28th class of Gilead, a missionary school for Jehovah’s Witnesses, in 1956. Her first assignment was in Puerto Rico. While a missionary, Cynthia met her future husband Raymond Franz in 1957. Raymond had graduated from the 3rd class of Gilead in 1945 and had been in Puerto Rico since 1946. In 1959, Cynthia and Raymond Franz were married.

Together they continued their missionary work from 1959 to 1965, in Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic.


Missionary Work in the Dominican Republic - Sound Car (Left) and Convention (Right), 1964

Missionary Work in the Dominican Republic – Sound Car (Left) and Convention (Right), 1964


Raymond & Cynthia Franz - Passport Photo 1964

Raymond & Cynthia Franz – Passport Photo 1964

Both Cynthia and Raymond loved the islands; however when they were invited to join the staff at the Watchtower Organization’s world headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, they accepted. They served there from 1965 to 1980. In 1971 Raymond became one of the Governing Body members. As Raymond learned the inner workings of the Governing Body, he became deeply concerned that the focus was more on preserving the image of the Organization rather than on sound Biblically based decisions. His disappointment lead to his sharing with Cynthia all that he was troubled with concerning the Governing Body. Cynthia agreed with Raymond and together the two of them decided to leave the world headquarters in 1980.

After leaving the world headquarters, they moved to Alabama. One of their dear friends  was a business owner and offered Raymond and Cynthia employment. This friend was Peter Gregerson. It was in Alabama that they hoped to embrace a new life for themselves, along with the hope of having children. It turned into a more turbulent time than they had imagined.

Peter Gregerson decided after much study and prayer to disassociate himself from Jehovah’s Witnesses. Because Peter continued to employ both Raymond and Cynthia, they did not hesitate to accept an invitation to have a meal together at a local restaurant. That meal lead to Raymond’s expulsion (disfellowshipped) from Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1981. (All of these events are chronicled in the book Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz.)

Since Raymond’s expulsion (disfellowshipped) from Jehovah’s Witnesses both he and Cynthia eventually built a new life in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Together they received numerous Jehovah’s Witnesses and former Jehovah’s Witnesses in their home from many countries all over the world. People were deeply troubled by what they saw happening among Jehovah’s Witnesses, along with questions about their doctrine. They sought Raymond and Cynthia and they were received with warmth and encouragement. Cynthia cooked and showed great hospitality, while Raymond shared his understanding of the Bible. Together they made an extraordinary team as they ministered to the brokenhearted.

Raymond & Cynthia with Muchacho in the late 1990s (Left) and Raymond & Cynthia on their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2009 (Right)

Raymond & Cynthia with Muchacho in the late 1990s (Left) and Raymond & Cynthia on their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2009 (Right)


Cynthia Franz - November 2013

Cynthia Franz – November 2013 (Click to see larger image)


On June 2, 2010, Raymond died at 88 years of age. Cynthia grieved him deeply. It was especially hard as they never were able to have children. From the time Raymond died until Cynthia died on December 29, 2013, her grieving of her beloved Raymond remained constant. Both Raymond and Cynthia loved God, were without malice, loyal, kind and wanted to contribute to the well being of others. The world is a better place for having had them in it. They will both be dearly missed by many.

Note: The above brief historical information came from Cynthia Franz herself.  In honor of Raymond & Cynthia Franz, the present copyright owner of Crisis of Conscious and In Search of Christian Freedom is committed to further distribution of these publications.  More details will be forthcoming.  


If you wish to express your condolences or memories with the family of Raymond and Cynthia Franz, please leave a comment below.

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  1. The family of Raymond and Cynthia Franz would like to thank Daniel and Debbie Dykstra. They have shown love and kindness for Ray and Cynthia, and our family can never express enough gratitude and thanks for all they have done for them in life and in death.

  2. (sorry, i don’t speak english very well, my condolences is in brazilian portuguese).
    Duas pessoas ímpares, cuja coragem impactou a vida de inúmeras pessoas, tornando-lhes, no mínimo, mais atenciosas quanto ao que lhes é ensinado. Dedicaram uma vida inteira em prol de pessoas como Testemunhas de Jeová e, ao perceberem o quão isto ia além de uma adoração a Deus, passaram a se dedicar corajosamente a expor a verdade. Que estejam em uma paz eterna!

    • I met Fred and Cynthia when they visited my home here in New Jersey in the 1980′s. I also met him when he spoke at one of the circuit assemblies in South Jersey before I left JW’s. I didn’t know Cynthia was Sicilian and I am the last of 14 children born to Eugenio and Marianne Zenone who came from Sicily in 1915 and settled in Philadelphia. I offer my sympathy to the family and have prayed for Cynthia for many years. Ray’s book, “Crisis of Conscience” was and remains a great encouragement to me and so many of us who left JW’s as it exposed the inner circle of the headquarters’ staff at the Brooklyn Bethel where I served from 1958 to 1961. God can heal all wounds in Christ!

  3. My condolonces to the family of Raymond & Cynthia Franz , they were obviously a loving and caring couple who reached out to others who were deceived by the WTB&TS and the false hopes with which they continue to spread. .
    May they both Rest In Peace.

  4. Please accept our condolences to the Franz family. I’ve read crisis of conscience and I’m sure that Cynthia played a major role an support for Ray and all of us who’ve read and been freed as a result. Se will be remembered!

    • They are certainly with God. They are ok after all the work they did with us. they had a good life. A good example to each of us.

  5. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for both Ray and Cynthia’s courage and strength. Like so many others, I experienced personally how difficult it is to leave the WT. I’m sure the pressures I have faced are small compared to what these valiant people have endured. Knowing how easily they both could have simply disappeared from public view in order to protect themselves from the WT ‘s retalialion makes their stand all the more remarkable. I will be forever in the debt of these two strangers who endured so much to make life a little easier for those who would follow.

  6. Lovely and loving! I am so very grateful to both Cynthia and Raymond for their integrity and courage in going out from Bethel, nearly penniless, on principle. They helped so many former Jehovah’s Witnesses and others who just wanted to research the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society have a clear understanding of the workings of that ultimately evil cult. They helped me to feel secure in my own decision to disassociate. May Cynthia enjoy her place in the Greater Universe, reunited with her dear Raymond.

  7. Thanks to them I have been released from my bondage. I read both books. Crisis twice. I love everyday being able to breathe and not be depressed. THESE were real Christians! I hope to imitate their faith in my life.

  8. In memory of my Uncle Ray and Aunt Cynthia. Growing up on the hillsides of Ky. the biggest thing in our young lives was Raymond’s annual visit home and he inspired my brother and I with stories of his life in the islands. He was our role model and good friend. Later when he met and married the love of his life, Cynthia, he did not forget us and I never doubted his love and loyalty for his family. When I became older and difficulties occurred in both our lives, he remained a voice for calm and reason and I valued his consul most and attempted to conduct myself as I believed he would in similar conditions. After his passing, Cynthia remained close and drew comfort from contact with Raymond’s family member and sharing memories of our lives with Ray. Now she too is gone and I greatly miss them both

    • That is such a lovely comment. We were Jehovah’s Witnesses until recently. We continue to search for the truth. Raymond’s books have been a great aid and we fully appreciate Cynthia’s support of him and her integrity to God. XXX

  9. I’m so grateful that Raymond and Cynthia were so courageous and forthcoming about their painful exit from Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their openness helped me– and so very many others– through our own difficult times. Long ago Raymond replied to my grandmother’s letter with a short, kind note that she treasured. Raymond and Cynthia MADE A DIFFERENCE.

  10. My deepest respect and sympathy for Raymond and Cynthia,
    We have never met in person or in any other way, but we all read his books and they have been so important to our lives…

    They will be missed…..

  11. Crisis of Consciense was probably the most cruscial part of what confirmed for me that something was seriously wrong with WTBTS. Thank you indeed, Raymond and Cynthia. So many people you have helped to see the thruth abouth the “thruth” and get a life free from the clutches of that cult. Rest in peace.

  12. My sincerest condolensces to the family of Cynthia. My only regret was not having the opportunity to meet them personally .But I’ve had the utmost respect for both. I spoke with Cynthia only once and she was very kind to me.
    Anonymous from Canada

  13. My deepest condolences to the Franz family, and friends. I truly admire and Thankful for the sacrifice and courage they have shown.

  14. We never met face to face but over the years I got to know them from’phone calls and letters. They will long be remembered and much loved. My wife and I send our deepest sympathy to friends and family. Their memorial is written in the thousands of lives they changed for good.

  15. Sincerest condolences to the Franz family for the loss of Cynthia. Ray and Cynthia Franz ministered to people from all over the world and embodied the very meaning of the word hospitality. We were welcomed into their home as if we were family. And this was typical of how they treated all of their guests. From the time Ray and Cynthia left the Watch Tower organization until their passing, they ministered tirelessly to JWs and former JWs. It was no small sacrifice on their part. Thanks to their steadfast endeavors and willingness to give of themselves and their time, thousands were freed to truly worship God in spirit and truth. And owing to the legacy of Ray’s published works, which would not have been possible without Cynthia’s support, many more people still will benefit from their ministry. Ray and Cynthia will be greatly missed.

  16. The love you demonstrated was a great source of encouragement to all of us who were struggling to remove the tentacles of the Watchtower that entwined, and choked us. We met both in San Jose and Santa Cruz, California later sharing much correspondence. After knowing Fred Franz through the eyes of my cousin Natheer Salih your kind, loving expressions was a surprise and made the leaving of friends and family gentler for me. Thank you Ray and Cynthia. See you again when the Lord Jesus comes to get us and we will be one family again.

  17. Feeling so alone and helpless after 30 years in the Watchtower organization in Eastern Canada, an article in TIME magazine concerning Ray Franz, brought us in contact. Yes, I wrote to him, explaining my spiritual pain. I received a marvelous long comforting letter written by and. This was the late 1960′s. His book helped me more than he will ever know. Thank you Raymond and Cynthia………….you are was true Christians are all about.
    Condolences from Canada

    • I appreciate the Franz’s book. It proved from the inside what we’d realized from the outside. I wish I had met them. I know what they were looking for, The Way of reason that allows one to find the beginning of the path and the end. It answers how a question could exist in a reality that was created to serve God’s will. Why you must pursue that which God also pursues. The need that causes God to have the need to pursue. The information that God shared that freed our will. No we weren’t created free from his will only with the ability to choose to be when shown the way. I”m searching for those who have not given up the pursuit just because they have broken with or are still within the Watchtower organization. Thank you for your part brothers and sisters in the Christian congregation

  18. Meus agradecimentos,e muito pesar pelos os dois,se em 1984 eu tivesse tido ascesso as informações que ele deixou jamais entraria nesta seita.
    Sou do brasil.Meu nome e:Paulo

  19. Deepest condolences to the Franz family on your loss. I corresponded with Ray many times, but never met him. I look forward to doing so in heaven.

  20. I secretly read “Crisis of Conscience” in 1988 while considering my relationship with the Watchtower Society. A couple of months after I started, I discovered my wife was also reading it in secret. We left the religion officially in the spring of 1989. Ray’s book provided a light into the dark corners of the Watchtower religion. The information we learned was crucial in our decision to break free of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Ray and Cynthia were truly remarkable people that conducted themselves with integrity and courage. We will miss them.

  21. Sincères condoléances à toute la famille FRANZ .
    Ray. et Cynthia nous ne vous remercierons jamais assez pour tout ce que vous nous avez donné.
    Vous êtes partis et nous savons que ce n’est qu’un au-revoir. Merci !

  22. Very saddened to hear of Cynthia’s passing… Many condolences to the Franz family. It seems like the end of an era, an era when JW-ism was vital and exciting and people really believed they were saving people from destruction…

    Raymond’s incredible, sensitive, compelling, and honestly written accounts helped reveal that we were all hoodwinked, that we had been lied to by leaders whom we trusted and that they took full advantage, and continue to do so. It must have been heartbreaking for them to be at Bethel and live with that knowledge and see vulnerable people being hurt by the WTBTS. Yet they were both people of conscience and deep sensitivity. They survived the harsh judgments from their former “friends” and continued together.

    Their story is one of fortitude and calm through adversity, and of being hospitable in the truest Christian sense and meaning.

  23. My condolences to the Franz family. Crisis of Conscience set me free from a slaving religion and I’m so thankful to Ray I have no words to express my gratitude. The death of Ray & Cynthia is the end of an era. Condolences from Brazil, we will miss you and we will always remember what you done in our benefit.

  24. After reading Rays book it is as though we got to know them both. His words will continue to help all who read them. We are sorry for the loss of such wonderful honest people.

  25. Dear Ray and Cynthia:

    I wish I had met you in person. I would have thanked you profusely for being so brave and facing a large organization, while retaining your faith in God. You truly must have been amazing people, and I only wish that I had the opportunity to thank you.

    May you rest in peace.

  26. My sincere condolences to the families and friends of Ray & Cynthia Franz. I’m very grateful for all they’ve done to help others, including myself. Ray’s books gave such an insight in the truth about the ‘Truth’ and he wrote them without resentment or grudge. What a gracious personality! The world became a better place thanks to these two wonderful warm hearted people.

    With love and respect,

  27. Cynthia was her husband’s number one supporter. Ray was so fortunate, and he knew it, to have a wife that made it possible for him to spend most of his waking time helping others regain their emotional balance through his books, letters and conversations after they had been injured by the unloving and harmful WT policies.

    What defined Cynthia was her love for people. Even though she went through much heartache over Ray’s dreadful treatment at the hands of Witness leaders, she still felt a fondness for all Jehovah’s Witnesses. Cynthia was known for her hospitality, and her candor was disarming. We saw that for ourselves when, after we exited the Watch Tower organization, we visited with Ray and Cynthia a number of times. For instance, at their dining room table, Ray, always the scholar, was content to watch his wife joke and laugh as she shared past experiences with us about people we also knew at Bethel. Ray liked talking about the deeper aspects of spiritual matters; Cynthia was a more of a people person. Together they were the perfect compliment for each other. They both left their mark on thousands of lives and will always be remembered by those who knew them. Our heartfelt condolences to their families.

    Barbara and Joe Anderson

  28. Peter Gregersons memories of Ray and Cynthia Franz

    Janet and I shared a special time in the lives of Ray and Cynthia. We had been good
    friends before, but this special time period began during a vacation we had together, in the
    Virgin Islands. Ray told me later that during that vacation, for the first time, he poured out
    his deep concerns about the Governing body and Watchtower doctrine.

    Not many days after that, he resigned, under pressure, and had no place to go. He lived
    with us for a while until we found separate temporary accommodations for them in a trailer
    home. Some months later they were able to have their own trailer.

    I offered him an office job but he wanted to work outdoors and ‘sweat’, so he worked on our

    I repeatedly encouraged him to write a book and he finally agreed. As he finished writing
    each chapter, he and I would sit down and discuss it. That was a special time for both of us
    and our wives. We knew the book would help many people.

    Cynthia was under great stress, as we all were, but she was always the same, loving,
    empathetic person, and she was especially caring as to how our children were handling the
    stress we all felt during Ray’s ‘rigged’ disfellowshipping and also from my decision to resign
    as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    We lived, daily sharing our lives together, with our homes within yards of each other for
    about two years.

    You come to know others in a profound way if you share, with them, extreme stress over a
    long period of time. Ray and Cynthia Franz were both extraordinarily God loving and
    sincere people who meant no harm to anyone, but only good. Their betrayal and cruel
    treatment was compensated in some degree by their many, many loving and kind brothers
    and sisters in Christ. They never stopped appreciating them! Janet and I are honored to
    have been among them!

    Our heartfelt love and condolences go out to their families for their loss. We have met several
    members of their families and know of the love they all shared with both Ray and Cynthia, as well
    as Cynthia’s appreciation for the all of the help they gave to her after Ray’s passing.

  29. Sincere condolences to those who have been and are close to the family, Raymond Victor Franz, Cynthia Marie Franz.A family by behaving, feeling, affection brought a good example for those around them. they now remain on the pages of history for many and a true example of living. God the Father and the Lord Jesus to give strength, wisdom and respect everyone and please continues to stay close to family in thought and memory, Raymond Victor Franz, Cynthia Marie Franz in behavior, sacrifice and service to the Creator, His Son and divine plan.
    Sincerely ;Viorel Chis.

  30. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Ray in Las Palmas (Canaries Islands) on his last Zone visit. His unassuming demeanor was truly refreshing, and his kind and humble approach was much appreciated. It was many years later that I read his book, Crisis of Conscience. Considering what he and Cynthia had been through, I especially value their objectivity. Ray and Cynthia were able to ‘rise above it all’. They had proper perspective of the things that occurred, and heart-breaking though it was, there was no malice on their part, for they adhered to the law of love, as we all must. What joy awaits those who have been ‘called’, and ‘chosen’ because of their faith in our Lord, Christ Jesus. Let us all strive to live a life of ‘faithfulness’ as Ray and Cynthia did.

  31. Last hopes of reform for the old organization are gone. To think I once fell for the official line. Condolences to all who are left.

  32. My sincerest condolences to Ray and Cynthia’s family.
    Ray’s books were a life safer to me – they brough comfort, strength, and relief.
    As I read and re-read them, I often thought of Cynthia, and the strength and bravery she also displayed throughout all of Ray’s mistreatment.
    She was indeed a partner and a gift in every sense of the word. The quality that always came through in Ray’s books was overwhelming LOVE.
    Ray’s books were Ray and Cynthia’s priceless gifts to all of us suffering at the hands of the WT organization.
    I can’t help but think of a song by The Boss – the words apply to both of them. “When they built you brother, they broke the mold.”

  33. My deepest sympathies the the friends and family of Cynthia and Raymond. His book helped me, as I know it helped countless others. May their souls be forever united in love.

  34. Sincere condolences to the family. All of us who left the organization owe a debt of gratitude to Raymond and Cynthia for the help they gave to so many, both personally and through books. If we compare what happened among Jehovah’s Witnesses in the 1970′s and 1980′s to the Protestant Reformation of the 1500′s, Ray Franz was our Martin Luther. Ray and Cynthia will be fondly remembered.

  35. I’m so grateful for them both for enduring the shoddy treatment they suffered and then taking the time and effort to write about their experiences in a calm and informative manner – it helped so many of us who continue to leave years after them. Being able to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the WatchTower and see what went on behind the scenes and the motivation for some of the rules that affected our own lives gave us peace of mind that we were making the right decision in leaving.

    Ray’s books were the first ones I read when I started to see through the cracks of the religion and made a stressful time a little easier to cope with. I’m sure he would not have been able to do what he did without the support of his wife.

    My condolences to their family and friends.

  36. Thank you Cynthia,
    For your kind and truly heart felt desire to serve God, and your courage to stand up against great odds for what was right. and thank you for Sharing Ray with the world. You and Rays service has not gone unnoticed throughout the world. You have run the race and finished a winner.

    My condolences to the family and a world of friends

  37. My wife and I send our deepest condolences to the Franz family and friends for the loss of Cynthia . Both of them contributed and assisted mightily to ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses regaining their sanity and freedom of mind back from the clutches of the high control organization WT Society and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Having been born and raised in the Witnesses from birth and exiting 10 years ago- I will be FOREVER grateful for the caring and the love that Ray Franz put into his work of helping others to free their minds. Thanks Ray and thanks Cynthia as well. May you both rest in peace. Our deepest love to you both. Sincerely, Paul.

  38. Both Ray and Cynthia were beautiful people who cared enough to help free people’s minds. They were a great example for us all. I’ll always remember. My wife and I send our deepest condolences to the Franz family and their friends. Sincerely, Paul.

  39. I offer my deepest condolences to the Family and Friends of Cynthia and Ray Franz. Their work and dedication to truth has helped many, and will continue to help many more well into the future!
    Ecclesiastes 7:1
    “A good name is like fine perfume,
    And the day of ones’s death,
    Than the day of ones birth”‘
    Thank you!!!

  40. Mes sincères condoléances à la famille!

    II Timothy 4:7 ^
    I have made a good fight, I have come to the end of my journey, I have kept the faith:
    II Timothy 4:8 ^
    From now on, the crown of righteousness is made ready for me, which the Lord, the upright judge, Will give to me at that day: and not only to me, but to all those who have had love for his revelation.

    • The table was prepared, the oil was applied, and their cup ran over with the goodness and mercy of our LORD unto everlasting life. Oh LORD our God, You prepared a table before Ray and Cynthia in the presence of their enemies: You anointed the head with oil; their cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy from You Oh LORD followed Ray and Cynthia, truly their communion is with You Holy Father, and with Your beloved Son Jesus Christ our Saviour; now together again and with You, Ray and Cynthia dwell in Your house, the house of the LORD for ever. Amen.

  41. merci à tous ceux qui ont présenté un éclairage véridique sur la bible, sur l’organisation des tj/wtb&ts, pour avoir eu le courage de ses opinions, et que ceux de leur famille qui reste soient bénis par Yahawah-El.

    • merci à tous ceux qui ont eu le courage d’expliquer des vérités bibliques, et sur ce qu’est l’organisation wtb&ts, d’avoir eu le courage de leurs opinions, ainsi, que ceux qui restent des la famille Franz soient bénis de Yahawah.

  42. She supported Ray and trusted him. They helped much more people that they thought it’d be possible. Although we miss them, they still help us by Raymond Franz precious books and his example written on our hearts.

  43. To the families of Cynthia and Raymond Franz, my most heartfelt condolences. May you find comfort in the memories of these two beautiful people.

    It is with regret that I was not able to know them in person, but I am grateful for their presence in this world and their impact on my life. They helped me see with more clarity the things that I had already doubted. For that, there is no measure of thanks adequate enough.

    Wherever they may be, and in whatever form they have taken, they will not be forgotten and will forever be in my heart.

    Godspeed Cynthia & Raymond.

  44. Dzięki ich słowu, tak wielu mogło poznać prawdę o ludziach, którzy jak szafarze decydowali i decydują o życiu innych.
    Kryzys sumienia odkrywający prawdę o Prawdzie uratował wiele polskich rodzin. Wierzymy, że jak długo istnieć będzie Organizacja, słowa Raymonda Franza będą ciągle aktualne.

    Our sincere condolences to the families of Ray and Cynthia Franz.
    Stowarzyszenie “Wyzwoleni”
    wyzwoleni.org Polska

  45. Sans les avoir jamais rencontrés au fond de mon cœur Raymond et Cynthia Frantz sont mes frère et sœur en Christ. Comme j’avais été peinée d’apprendre le décès en 2010 de son époux (à qui je dois tant grâce à ses écrits), aujourd’hui je suis triste d’apprendre le décès de Cynthia.
    Je suis certaine que des ami(e)s fidèles et sincères étaient auprès d’elle dans ses derniers jours de vie sur cette terre. Qu’ils acceptent mes condoléances. Que vos amis fidèles, qui vous ont soutenu jusqu’au bout, soient remerciés !

    Tous deux vous faisiez partie de mon univers chrétien depuis que j’avais quitté la WT BTS, vous resterez vivants dans mon souvenir.
    Cynthia, Raymond, vous avez couru la course avec tant de foi avec tant d’amour et d’abnégation au service de tous ceux qui cherchaient le bon chemin, votre récompense sera grande dans votre demeure céleste auprès de notre Père !
    Michèle, lieu : France

  46. I am so sorry to read this. I am one of the many who read Crisis of Conscience and will be forever grateful to Ray for having done so. Please accept my sincere condolences.

  47. Sans jamais avoir rencontrés Raymond et Cynthia Frantz je sais au fond de mon cœur qu’ils sont mes frère et sœur en Christ. J’avais été peinée d’apprendre le décès en 2010 de Raymond (à qui je dois tant grâce à ses écrits) : aujourd’hui je suis triste d’apprendre le décès de Cynthia.
    Je suis certaine que des ami(e)s fidèles et sincères étaient auprès d’elle dans ses derniers jours de vie sur cette terre. Qu’ils soient remerciés et qu’ils acceptent mes condoléances.
    Tous deux vous faisiez partie de mon univers chrétien depuis que j’avais quitté la WT BTS, vous resterez vivants dans mon souvenir.
    Cynthia, Raymond, vous avez couru la course avec tant de foi avec tant d’amour et d’abnégation au service de tous ceux qui cherchaient le bon chemin, votre récompense sera grande dans votre demeure céleste auprès de notre Père !
    Michèle, lieu : France

  48. Our hearts go out to Cynthia and Ray’s families! We are so happy that they are finally together again. What God did in putting them together was a wonderful work. They were meant for each other. A great complement to each other’s gifts. Ray and Cynthia were close friends of our brother, Fred and his wife Jeanne, in Bethel. Fred went home to be with the Lord in 1998. I am sure they are having a wonderful time together reminiscing. We knew them from their time in Bethel and after their exit, we visited them in Alabama. His monumental work “Crisis of Conscience” will live as a memorial to his love for Our Father and our Savior, Jesus. I know it has helped thousands of people to know that they did not leave God, but only a human organization. They were so loved by so many. Cynthia was an inspiration to all wives who support their husbands and contribute to their work through good times and bad. She will be missed. She was in our prayers after Ray’s death. We will see you soon, dear friends!

  49. Our condolences,we never met them personally but they changed and helped so many of us ex-JW’s when leaving the organization. I hope they both realized what their courage and conviction did to help the rest of us in choosing to follow our beliefs rather than men.

  50. My sincere condolences to the family. Thanks to his writings I’ve been able to see the truth about the governing Body. And I know that thanks to Cynthia’s support he was able to endure what they were put through. What a Couple!

  51. So sorry to hear about Cynthia. Although we never met or spoke to one another, I do realize how much Ray loved her when he related a story to me about a medical issue that she was faced with many years ago. A true Christian couple. Cynthia’s husband was instrumental in helping me maintain my faith in a loving creator at a time when my faith in my religious leaders was utterly destroyed.

  52. Adeus, queridos Ray e Cynthia Franz. Vocês foram os escravos mais fiéis e discretos de nosso Deus. Deus não é injusto para se esquecer de todo o bem que fizeram a todos nós. Meus pêsames à família enlutada.

  53. You opened my eyes and freed me from slavery to the Governing Body. The best gift of my life. I can never thank you enough!

    Your sacrifice was not in vain! Thousands of brothers worldwide feel we have lost real friends.

    Never will the members of the Governing Body so many people who mourn their death.

    From Spain.

  54. I have no words to express my gratitude to Raymond and Cynthia.
    I and my family are living a new life outside the organization because of them.
    Writing Crisis was a huge act of courage and a great help for thousands of people worldwide.
    I will miss them from Spain

  55. Any writer that takes the time to research a subject as thoroughly as you have deserves to be commended. This article is appealing and very well-written. The first two sentences encouraged me to read more.

  56. First, I yet again congratulate Cynthia and Franz for succesfully exitinga notorious cult. Second, I wish them well in the journey beyond. Third, my condolences to those remaining in the clutches of the Watch Tower Society. They all have my pity.

  57. Wow ! tThey went to my homeland, the Dominican Republic. What a great couple they should must be and also exta kudos for them to see the ligth of Jesus ad going out of the Borg. Hi five some day in heavens. Amigos

    • Wow ! They went to my homeland, the Dominican Republic. What a great couple they should must be ! And also extra kudos for them to see the ligth of Jesus ad going out of the Borg. Hi five some day in heavens. Amigos

  58. When I met Ray personally in Germany, it was in 2005. The reason was the presentation of his Search-book in German. I had translated it, as well as later the fourth edition of his Crisis-book. Ray was like a real father to me, like the father I never really had in my life. He was compassionate, and I sensed his intense Biblical commitment. When he died that was a shock for all of us here in Germany. But I know we will see him again in God’s upcoming Kingdom.

  59. I am saddened that you have not posted my comments about Ray and Cynthia. Did I say something wrong? Can you tell me why you decided not to post it? It is your right to post that which you chose but not knowing your reasoning for rejecting me is painful…

    With Brotherly Love,
    Whitney W. Irons

  60. First, I just want to say that I love every person on this page and this page brought tears to my eyes. I just found out about Raymon Franz and his wife Cynthia Franz by doing some research on Jehovah’s Witnesses on Wikipedia. What an absolute gem both he and wife were. May Brother Franz and his dear wife Sister Franz Rest In Peace and may God continue to bless and protect each person on this page! We all should all get together and have a reunion.

  61. “Crisis of Conscience” and “In Search of Christian Freedom” were instrumental in my leaving the organization in 1996. I was a third generation Jehovah’s Witness and these books gave me the information and support I needed. I passed them on to my family but they were not well-received. For some reason, I started rereading “In Search of Christian Freedom” today and that led to searching online for the publisher, which landed me here. So this was the first I’d heard about Cynthia, although I’d heard about Ray earlier. But one thing I must say is that I’m absorbing the love of my ex brothers and sisters here in the comments. I’ve found other Christian denominations but I haven’t quite found this type of bond we share and I miss that. So it was quite a blessing for me to pop in here and to read your kind words about Ray and Cynthia and what a kind, loving, hospitable Christian couple they were. Thank you all!

  62. I learned so much about the organization from reading Ray’s books. I appreciated his authenticity and the genuine love for his “brothers” Ray demonstrated even as those same “brothers” sought to vilify and malign his character and his motives. I hope every Jehovah’s Witness will one day wake up and realize God does not want us dividing ourselves into sects. Doctrines do not save but love can. Love God with your whole heart, your whole soul and your whole mind. Love your neighbor as yourself.

  63. Until we meet on that glorious day of our Lord Jesus’ return, your wisdom is sadly missed. With love from a Brother In Jesus’ Name. My walk was made brighter by the kind words of your writings, thank you!

  64. I never met Ray & Cynthia personally, but when I left the Org.. reading Ray’s book “Crisis of Conscience” was such a help to me. I would have LOVED to meet them. Thank you Ray & Cynthia for caring…Those two books of yours are continuing to assist so many hurting people who are escaping the “Spiritual Holocaust” that is the Organization. I’m personally seeing so many in recovery & these books are like medication for them.

  65. I met JW in 1984, , but until now I have not baptized yet because I do not like preaching house to house. Since a long time ago I did not want to be baptized just to impress other. In Indonesia Jw was banned and it is difficult for jw to find follower. Now I am older and want to make sure whether it is correct to leave jw for another church. After I read about Franz Raymond and Babara Andersen case I find that jw organization with WTS has made unthinkable decision toward them. They have no logic toward this matter despite doctrines that sound logical through the reason behind it. The organization just needs people who agree with anything it says , play God for their role, If the organization regards itself as God no wonder it is so hard, strict, unreluctant to give mercy, but it is not God because the people in authority can not do miracle and help all the sick, give all people food etc. Thanks God I am always make research before making decision so I do not get stressfull.
    I feel sorry for Franz an Cyntia. May God bless them.
    Thank you for giving this space.

  66. I left the Organization over 17 years ago, but never heard nor knew about the existence of Crisis of Conscience until one month ago. I was only a few pages in when I felt the intense need to write to Ray Franz (and Cynthia) and thank them for their bravery, hard work, dedication, and above all, love. Of course I am too late, but this webpage is the next best thing. Words cannot express the sincere gratitude I feel to these two people I have never met, and now never will meet, but they have given me so much more than I can ever repay in a lifetime. Lucifer can loosely translate to imply “light-bringer” from Latin, and while Ray Franz was the opposite of any entity that might be Satan-like, he most assuredly is a bringer of light for many, many people who have suffered, and who are suffering now. He lived his life through great works, and writing these books was just a small portion of those works. I wish I could have known them, as they seem to be the most beautiful of people.

  67. I am Jehovah Witness, but this condition does not block my mind and I can see a good and kind person, whatever religion she/he from.
    I read the book ‘Crisis of Conscious’ carefully, without prejudice, and I can to say, when I was reading it, I could to perceive the honesty and sincerity of this man. My respects for him and his loved wife, and I know Jehovah will reward of them, for God is not unrighteous so as to forget their work and the love them showed for his name. – Hebrews 6:10 (English is not my first language, sorry for my grammar mistakes)

  68. My heart aches to read of their passing. Only learning of Raymond and Cynthia Franz just recently, I would have loved to have known them. Raymond’s book has helped me immensely in putting things into place and perspective, and has given me courage to inquire and study what I have always taken for granted. I’m convinced that they truly have left the world a better place. My condolences to their family and friends.

  69. I came across Raymond’s book by accident, I remember just before I was baptised of all the things he apparently did, the guy I studied with obviously didn’t pay a pretty picture of Ray, ever after that I never thought of it till recently. And as I read Rays book it’s like him Whispering in my ear, this is comforting for me… Though in death his words will speak. His very much strengthened the course of my life, I’m forever indebted to both Cynthia and Ray, its unfortunate I could never met the couple, but perhaps in the life after I’ll be granted that.
    Thank you .

  70. buenas tardes y o días espero que el memsaje que transmite con su libro y sus documentos que se han echo publico, aleuden a muchos a encontrar una paz y tranquilidad interna y esta sea manifiesta en su diario vivir, que redunde en gloria para nuestro creador y en buena conveniencia para con el progimo, deseo de corazón que muchos ex testigos y testigos que aun se encuentran dentro y tienen esa crisis de conciencia respecto a su actuar y sentir puedan leer este libro y isa alcancen esa paz que todos cedamos en algún momento y muchos hemos encontrado al leer el libro y mirar sus experiencias

  71. I left the Watchtower organization in December 2001 after 18 years of active membership and after 14 years service as an elder. I am grateful to Raymond for his books which helped me to get rid of illusionary hope that the organization would be reformed and become a truly Christian fellowship. I am thankful to Ray for all the letters and e-mails he wrote to me from 1999 to 2010. He was always supportive, and he wrote a letter of comfort when we (my wife and I) faced personal tragedy.

    I was Ray’s representative in Poland and I arranged his conference in Poznan in October 2007 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyJx6P4BmBs) and was his translator during the conference. Then I had an opportunity to meet him in person, as a meek, merciful, sincere man who deeply trusted God; he had also a good sense of humor. I hope to meet him and Cynthia in God’s Kingdom.

  72. Hello, Just wanted to say that Ray Franz was truly my hero. And God bless his lovely wife, Cynthia, for enduring such atrocities to stay true to what is right. Wish I had ‘woken up’ when they were both still alive to thank them for their courage, loving attitude, compassion, and integrity. They are still helping ones like me, 40 years in ‘the organization’, even from the grave. They were honestly the true Christians in all of what happened!

  73. Ray Franz was truly my hero. God bless both he and Cynthia for their love, courage, integrity, and resilience. Wish I had the privilege of meeting them, but they’ve helped me more than I can say from their graves. Crisis of Conscience was pivotal in helping me escape my 40 year captivity to Watchtower enslavement! Thank you both, more than words can say!

  74. It is because of Ray that I now have the ability to see through erroneous reasoning and false argumentation. This is a monumental gift that will be with me till I die. Beyond that, I have been enabled to see what constitutes true Christian freedom, and how very precious a thing it is. Ray’s work was done with the primary concern of benefiting others by means of the information itself; with no preoccupation of personal gain or profit. I only hope that the caretakers of his legacy via his published works are as altruistic in their management of his affairs.

  75. C’est avec beaucoup de peine que mon épouse et moi-même apprenons la nouvelle.
    Nous sommes toutefois aussi heureux de vous savoir morts fidèles à Jésus, Celui à qui le Père a remis toutes choses.
    Bien que désormais absents de cette Terre, vous êtes cependant vivants dans nos coeurs, à nous qui avons eu l’insigne honneur et privilège à la fois de faire votre connaissance, d’avoir échangé en toute fraternité avec vous.

    C’est dans l’exemple de courage et d’amour dont respire votre histoire que nous avons puisé la force de décider de vivre en chrétiens libres.


  76. They both made a huge contribution to the world and especially the Body of Christ. Anyone who is leaving or left the WATCHTOWER organization, must read Crisis of Conscience and In Search of Christian Freedom. Your questions and doubts are answered and validated. They both were lovers of truth without judgment. I am reminded of what Jonathan said to David when they parted: “To morrow is the new moon: and thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty.”- 1 Samuel 20:18
    We are happy that you now are present with the Lord, but saddened that “your seat” is empty. We love you both!

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    and I’m inspired! Very useful info particularly the last phase:
    I take care of such information a lot.

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    Thanks and best of luck.

  78. My condolences to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Franz. I wish I had known about them when I was disfellowshipped from JW’s in 1982. I lost my 3 children and all my friends, as I was raised a JW since I was in 9th grade. I am now 63 and have not heard from my kids in decades! The pain is unbearable except through the grace of God. It looks like Raymond Franz left the JWs at about the same time I did. I had never heard of him leaving and writing books. I look forward to reading the books. Sincerely, Marsha

  79. My deepest condolences to all of their family.
    My words are inadequate to express just how profoundly these two individuals continue to change lives.
    Thank you for giving truth and life to so many, in such a gentle and loving way.

  80. Lovely people. I knew them well and they were a source of inspiration to many. They have helped so many to see through the facade of the Watchtower Society. They were both loving, kind and always ready to help. May they be at peace with their Lord to whom they devoted their life.

  81. I too feel that I must add to this page of tributes. I disaasociated myself from the Watch Tower in the mid seventies but continued to attend memorials as I somehow felt it was right. It wasn’t until I came upon Rays book Crisis in 2005 that I really had the veil of darkness lifted. I conversed with Ray via email and phone until his passing. I have saved all of his emails and I continue to re-read them and find much encouragement within. The contribution both Ray and Cynthia made to the recovery of former Wittnesses is without comparison. They will be forever missed.

  82. Ray was the best out of the GB. His compassion impressed me the most. His comments at the breakfast table were the most encouraging. His talk “Adorning the teachings of our Saviour, God” will always live in my memory. He emphasized how our conduct best represents what we are as Christians, not how many hours were dedicated going door-to-door. He is dearly missed. So deeply sorry not to have corresponded with Cynthia before she passed. God will bless them both for sure.

  83. To all who read this, the passing of these fine people is a testimony to the power of love since their love will continue on forever through their kindness. I too, met them through their books and videos, and cannot thank them enough for the help given out of the kindness of their hearts. More than anything else, they cleared up the confusion left over my my disassociation over forty-five years ago.

    The wisdom and truth they exemplify, has helped me on my own spiritual path. I doubt I’ll ever be as enlightened as these true followers of Christ, but certainly much, much further along than I would be without them. Raymond taught that love is the sovereign law and is the final arbitrator in all questions concerning the lessor laws. And Ray taught only what was there in scripture all along, obvious to anyone who has “eyes to see, and ears to hear”.

  84. Love them. If the Christian God exists they will be alright. Brother Franz, my life has revolved around being trapped and freed by you.

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