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June 23, 2016

I just received information from my publisher that I should received a rough draft proof with the new improved images within the next 24 hours.  (Please see my comments that I made on May 14, 2016 below.)

Once I receive the rough draft, I plan to work very hard to proof everything as efficiently as possible and get it back to the publisher.  They will then produce a final proof and give me a publish date.

I am looking forward to the day that I can post a publishing date and deliver Crisis of Conscience 2016 to the world. I believe that will be very soon.

Stay tuned,

May 14, 2016

News concerning re-publishing Crisis of Conscience:

For those of you that have read my prior updates some of the following is a rehash, however I am restating some of what I have said before for the benefit of people newly visiting the site.

I am working to digitalize the 2008 printing of Crisis of Conscience.  Until the present time this printing has not been available digitally.  Because of the now antiquated software that Ray was using in 2008 as well as his unstable computer; it has been challenging to convert those files into readable manageable formatting.

Many very nice and capable people have offered to help me.  Two have been experts in software development etc.  I have also taken my issues to no less than 9 technicians in Atlanta, Georgia, all to no avail. Knowing what a treasure I have with the rights to Crisis of Conscience, I have been feeling the weight of responsibility of getting this book out to everyone that wants it.  I have been living and breathing Crisis of Conscience since December, following one hopeful solution after another only to be met with disappointment.  In exasperation I turned to a publisher for help.  Their technical department has worked on it for weeks and had a breakthrough however they had a lot of work ahead of them yet.   I received encouraging emails from them saying that the progress of putting the book together is coming together nicely.

I want to assure you that I am committed to bring the world the very best selection in eBook formats and Print on Demand (POD) availability.  The publisher that I am working with plans on making Crisis of Conscience readily available to the largest global audience possible.

Yesterday the publisher emailed me a digital workable version of the manuscript. The text is excellent however the pictures and photocopies are grainy. I do have the pictures and photocopies and I will be sending them to the publisher to insert into the manuscript. I am also adding to the appendix some additional documentation that Ray had. This represents more work however it is going to be worth it in the end.

My goals are to have all the documentation including photos and photocopies to the publisher no latter than May 28th, perhaps sooner. The following week I plan to travel to another state to meet face to face with the publisher. Once I return from that trip I hope to have very good news with a time line of when Crisis of Conscience will be available.

Until then,


December 12, 2015

I am Deborah Dykstra, the sole owner of the copyrights of Raymond Franz’ works. Here you will find what I have been doing since acquiring the copyright. On the Internet many have expressed assumptions about me and disparaging uninformed statements have been made against me. Now I will tell my story.

I have been the copyright owner of the writings of Raymond Franz since June 1, 2013. At that time Cynthia Franz was still alive. She was selling both of her late husbands books on I assisted her to do that. She asked me to wait to publish any additional books until she had sold her entire stock of books. I was more than happy to comply.

Even though the books were readily available on for under $30, a copyright infringer started selling pirated copies on using CreatSpace to produce them. They were also proliferating the books on multiple websites all over the world. The infringement was pervasive. The perpetrators priced their copies just below what Cynthia was selling hers for. The sales of her books went away overnight. When I discovered this infringement Cynthia was very upset, feeling that her late husband and his works were not being honored. Nor were his wishes or his widow being honored. She directed me to do whatever I could do to insist any and all copyright infringers would be called upon to “Cease and Desist” their activity. I promised her I would.

I hired a copyright attorney in August 2013. He said that until the U.S. Library of Congress actually posted my June 2013 transfer of copyrights, he could not bring any infringement to trial in Federal Court or protest copyright infringement with or CreatSpace. Additionally, I learned that a basic registration of a copyright takes about three months however a transfer takes one and a half to two years to complete. Since my copyrights were a transfer, I would need to wait a long time. I informed the copyright attorney that I had turned in all the necessary paperwork to the U.S. Library of Congress in June 2013. Now we needed to wait to take legal action. Upon the advise of my legal counsel, I became silent about the copyright, publishing books etc. Many people were frustrated that I was not answering their questions about the copyrights. The perpetrators had been very careful to shield their identity. Since I had no idea who the copyright infringers were, my attorney did not want me to say anything to anyone.

Prior to my discovery of the infringer on, which included many websites, I had my sights on a very reputable publisher. With the pervasiveness of the infringement they were no longer a viable option for me to pursue. The publishers are uninterested in a complicated situation.

While I waited for the U.S. Library of Congress to post the transfer of the copyrights, Cynthia shared with me all the trouble Ray had had with copyright infringement over the years. As soon as he would put an end to one infringement, another one would pop up. This astounded me because Ray always published his books at a very reasonable price and shipped them out one by one himself. There were ample books available through Ray at a reasonable price. So why were people infringing on his rights? I wish I had the answer. However even with the above history, Cynthia was heart broken over how blatant the perpetrators on were and insisted that I do everything I feasibly could to bring an end to it. Once again, I promised her I would.

On December 29, 2013, Cynthia Franz died without resolution on the infringement on I am sorry that she did not have that peace of mind before she died.

Nevertheless, in April 2015 the U.S. Library of Congress had registered the transfer of the copyrights to me. Now my copyright attorney was willing to send out a “Cease and Desist” letter to anyone and take it, if need be to Federal Court. He sent out a letter to and they revealed the infringer. He then sent a letter to the infringer. By the first week in May 2015, the perpetrator of the infringement on had agreed not to infringe on the copyright henceforth. Nevertheless, there was never restitution paid because of insolvency on the part of the perpetrator. I had paid out thousands of dollars in legal fees to stop the illegal activity without getting any money back. Where I do miss the money I paid out, I am not sorry I spent it stopping the infringer. If need be, I will do it again.

It is very important to me to preserve the integrity of Raymond Franz’ works. When people purchase or receive in some form an illegal copy, how do they know for sure if all the words that are written are what Raymond Franz wrote? If someone is so blatant as to justify infringement of a copyright, how do we know they will stop there? Is the story the same? Have any of the words been removed or added? This was a big concern of both Raymond and Cynthia Franz. It is of great concern to me.

With the infringer stopped the first week of May 2015, I had plans to move very quickly to seek publishing of Crisis of Conscience. However before I could do that, I became very ill. From May 2nd to September 27th of this year, I could not eat solid food. The saga all ended with surgery on September 23rd. I am happy to report that since my surgery, I have been able to eat solid food. I have gained 12 much needed pounds as well as strength. I have high hopes that I will be back to myself in a few months. In fact, it has been a couple of weeks now that I feel strong enough to take on the task of getting Crisis of Conscience published. I have been weighing my options.

Nevertheless, it has recently come to my attention that there are other blatant infringers of Raymond Franz’ works on the Internet. One has risen above the others in his unashamed promotion of “bootlegged” copies of Crisis of Conscience on YouTube. As you can see, I am posting a worldwide “Cease and Desist” letter on this webpage. I am also contacting the above-mentioned person directly. Even as I move to stop him, I realize he is not the first and will unlikely be the last. Nevertheless, I am dedicated to step-by-step address each and every copyright infringer that I become aware of. It is incredible to me that many justify engaging in illegal activity, to produce books that expose the lies of the Watchtower organization. How does that make any kind of sense? Raymond Franz was a man of integrity. Every one of us should rightly honor his memory by treating his books with integrity.

I am putting out a public plea to assist me in maintaining the integrity of Raymond Franz’ works. Please let any copyright infringers, perpetrators, pirates and bootleggers know about this webpage. Also please let me know if they do not comply. I am also asking that no one purchase, receive for free, or promote illegal copies of Raymond Franz’ works. Infringers will not be motived to produce the illegal copies if you do not purchase them. Most importantly, out of respect for Ray and all he stood for, please honor him.

I am presently considering three different routes to publishing Crisis of Conscience. I hope to make a decision within days and plan to publish within weeks. Please stay tuned on what I am doing. I plan to update this webpage with the latest information concerning the publishing of Raymond Franz works in print, Kindle and electronic formatting. I plan to work very hard to make Crisis of Conscience available to everyone that would like to have a copy.

Very truly yours,

Deborah Dykstra
P.O. Box 807
Monroe, GA 30655


Worldwide Cease and Desist Letter:



Presently there is only one group with my permission to publish and distribute Raymond Franz’ books. They are AUSSTIEG in Germany and they presently have my permission to publish and distribute Raymond Franz’ books in German. (No other language) Their website is:

Other than AUSSTIEG in Germany no one else has my permission to publish digitally or otherwise any of Raymond Franz works.  If they do, they are infringing upon the copyrights and I will address the issue legally and otherwise as stated in my worldwide “Cease and Desist” letter.

Deborah Dykstra